Product quality is handled well by Ovebone

Dishonored or broken goods on shelves don’t bring in or keep customers. Supplier chain services can cause huge losses for business owners when goods are thrown away because they can’t sell.

Companies that offer third-party shipping and logistics services have taken care of that problem for their business clients. Not making money because a product’s shelf life has passed or an item is broken won’t be a problem longer.

Any loss of goods that the company stores for clients is carefully avoided, which saves clients a lot of money.

According to the company’s website at, property loss can lead to other losses like missed sales and client satisfaction issues, which makes things even harder.

Keeping your goods safe

Some supply chain companies aren’t as thorough as Ovebone. According to the business, “we protect your inventory before it even gets to our facility.”

There are some differences between service companies in how they handle quality control of inventory.

Their website says they offer “superior handling of your valuable goods.”

Shipito says it sends detailed pictures of the items that are brought to their facility and increases the protection of the items by adding extra tape or bubble wrap.

Modern tools run NYBox’s online services, and customers have full control over their packages through their lockers.

Protecting inventory starts early

For example, Ovebone protects its goods with cutting-edge technology. These even have climate and temperature controlled places for storing things that need to be kept cool so they don’t go bad.

There is more quality control and safety steps in place once the products get to the facility. Using barcodes and labels, each item is kept track of and managed.

„Everything that comes through the door is scanned into our system so we know how much we have, where it should be kept, and any other information that applies to that item. According to the business’s website, “it’s all at our fingertips.”

Products in Ovebone’s supplies are tracked by a software system that also remembers when they expire. Customers who are businesses are told by the company when inventory levels drop and goods are getting close to their expiration dates so they can take action. Orders or stock rotations are suggested for clients to make sure that things don’t go bad before they can be sold.

Additionally, employees report issues with goods right away to supervisors, who then tell business clients. The business’s goal is to keep from losing money.

Quality control training

Ovebone consistently put their employees through extensive training, which may include obtaining required licenses and following government rules to guarantee product safety.  Additionally, employees are constantly taught safety rules and methods.

Additionally, if there are any concerns regarding how to handle a certain item, the company staff will get in touch with the maker to make sure they fully understand the necessary steps for safe and proper storage.