Deliver added value with Wizely Finance

a turnkey banking solution for debt consolidation & lending

What is Wizely Finance

As a white label product, Wizely Finance is an invisible-to-customers debt consolidation and lending service platform exclusively designed for banks to offer their customers. As a bank, you could provide your customers with a ready-to-go web-based platform that keeps your customers with you. Instead of seeking lending and debt consolidation services externally, customer needs are met right at your own bank.

Once enrolled in the Wizely Finance service, customers can control everything from one simple dashboard. They manage their loan terms, consolidate debt, and build their credit within your bank-branded website. Customers have a seamless experience with the bank they already trust.

Why you need Wizely Finance

People are increasingly seeking fast, online solutions for their borrowing needs. Banks already have direct access to their own best customers. Instead of losing these good customers to marketplace lenders, now you can offer your customers an exclusive lending platform that ensures you retain and increase their business with your bank.

With Wizely Finance, you invite your customers to participate in a unique online lending program that carries your bank’s brand. The bank brand and existing customer relationship combined with Fundify Finance’s technology and lending expertise is a recipe for happy customers.

Our Approach

At Wizely Finance, we believe that providing more services to existing high credit quality customers is a better way to grow business and profits in the most cost effective way. First, we closely analyze your customer’s total debt and payment behavior. Then we use our time-tested, outgoing marketing program to target the best candidates in multiple ways to get maximum response. Each respondent is objectively underwritten for credit quality and debt capacity to gain maximum wallet share.

Your customers can save money when they get lower rates. They can also manage their money in an easy, simple way after consolidation. Happy customers do more business, so banks win too.

Our Advantage

The Wizely Finance model is simple. Wizely Finance's solution was created to provide your customers with the most cost-effective, easy-to-use debt consolidation service on the market. Our platform enables your customers to borrow, consolidate, adjust rates and duration of loan, pay debt, and improve their credit all from the comfort of their own custom online dashboard.


Your corporate policies dictate our rules on risk management and underwriting. Loan origination and processing applications are presented with your site's branding.

Easy to implement

Our fully functional platform means minimal back-office integration or new process implementation for you.

We do it for you

Wizely Finance handles everything including customer selection, marketing, loan origination, underwriting, and setup in loan handling systems.

About Wizely Finance

Wizely Finance is a FinTech enterprise assisting banks and credit unions to accelerate growth and profit by accessing existing bank customers in a new way.

Our online platform is designed to operate under the mantle and brand of the bank. In it, the bank’s customers can consolidate, pay down debt and take out new loans through a personalized dashboard they can access 24/7. Our turnkey operation is seamless, cost effective and customized to each situation.

Wizely Finance is developed by seasoned banking executives and technical experts to cater to the customers of small and mid-size banks. Our end-to-end solution increases bank profits and saves consumers money.