What To Know Before Modifying Your Bike In India

Motorcycles and scooters are examples of two-wheelers that are both fashion statements and modes of transportation. People often customise their two-wheelers for this reason. There might be a lot of elegantly customised bikes around. These vehicles are modified with great care and thought. Before you start the exercise, ensure you understand key concepts if you also intend to modify your bike. Recall that any modifications to the vehicle must be approved by your online insurance for bike provider and registered with your RTO. The majority of online two-wheeler comprehensive bike insurance providers offer the choice to declare changes.

Make Sure Your Changes Abide By The Law

Any changes done to a bike have to adhere to specific rules. According to a Supreme Court decision in 2019, bikes cannot be altered in a way that materially deviates from the manufacturer’s initial specifications. These specifications comprise all the additions made by the manufacturer to the vehicle’s certificate of registration. One such instance is the inability to modify a two-wheeler to accommodate more than two persons. Similarly, a vehicle’s size, engine, and braking system cannot be changed.

Professionals Should Carry Out Approved Modifications

Even though there is less room for significant modifications to two-wheelers, there are still plenty of options available. For example, paint jobs are still permitted as long as they are completed within RTO guidelines. In a similar vein, it is still legal to install small accessories like visors, decals, and engine fairing. Make sure to hire experts to complete these tasks. Have you attempted to paint your bike? You will only get the perfect finish if you do it every day for months. It is better to leave it to the experts.

Prioritise Function Over Form, And Don’t Sacrifice Safety

Ensure you always prioritise function over form when making even the most minor modifications to your two-wheeler, and never compromise on safety. There is never a greater importance on looking good than looking forward. The first modification many people make to their bikes or scooters is removing the side mirrors. If you do that, you may be charged about Rs 1,000. Prioritise improving the functionality of your bike over its appearance when making any modifications.

Your Insurance Provider Must Be Informed Of Your Changes

When purchasing online insurance for bike, it’s important to remember that you must disclose any changes in advance. You risk having your two-wheeler insurance claims denied if you fail to disclose these modifications. Similarly, you should declare and purchase add-ons for any costly accessories that fit your computer. Additionally, do not forget to do the process of bike insurance renewal on time.

Overall, you can still make some elegant modifications to your bike even though the range of options may have been greatly restricted. Just be sure to notify your two-wheeler 3rd party bike insurance provider of any modifications. *

Pay close attention to how much you spend, and when making any changes, always consider safety. You can use a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to estimate the costs of premiums to be paid.

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